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Cover letter


A new year, more money and your opinion



Although the year is not quite new, we still would like to wish you all the best for 2023! And we're starting off with some great news: There's more money for you!


Simply better with a tariff: together for fairness!

Because in the collective bargaining movement for temporary agency workers we have now also been able to push through decent increases for EG 3 to 9: The wages will increase by up to 9.25 per cent starting in April, depending on the wage group! You can find out exactly what our joint collective agreement success looks like and how much more you will receive in which pay group and when at www.igmetall.de/leiharbeit.


Your opinion is needed!

The member benefit is an extra payment on top of the holiday and Christmas bonuses exclusively for IG Metall members. Do you even know about it? Have you ever applied for it? And would you like to be reminded of it by us in good time? That's what we would like to know from you. The survey only takes 3 minutes and the best thing is: you can even win something! You'll find everything you need to know about the survey and the prizes on the enclosed campaign card. Don't wait to take part, and good luck to you!


Becoming more - getting stronger!

We have only managed all this because there are many of us. For membership strength is the prerequisite for strong collective bargaining results. Do you know colleagues in temporary agency work who are not yet members? Then talk to them about membership and the advantages of being a member. If you become a member of IG Metall by May 2023, you will already be eligible for the extra payment in November 2023. And it's worth it for you too. Because we will thank you for every new member you recruit with a voucher worth 15 euros. How does it work? Simply scan the QR code and find out more: www.igmetall.de/werbeaktion


With warm greetings

Your IG Metall


Staying in touch is important! But that only works if we know how to reach you. For this we need your current contact details. You can view and change these at any time in the members' area on our website, in the so-called Self-Service section. You can find out more about Self-Service on the back page. Or you can send us your changes by post using the detachable section below.



We have saved the following contact details:

Your corrections and additions:

Membership number

Last name, first name

Postal address

Business e-mail

Private e-mail

Business phone

Private phone


No longer employed in temporary agency work? Then please be sure to let us know!
By the way: If you are unemployed, we will reduce your contribution to Euro 1.53 per month.



Welcome to the IG Metall Self-Service

The Self-Service is a protected area for IG Metall members. You only have to register once and enter a password. Afterwards you can log in at any time with your password and check and change your data. You can also download, for example, the application for the member benefit or contribution certificates for the tax office.

This is how you register:

  • Go to www.igmetall.de/anmelden and click on Create User Account
  • First enter your email address and then choose a password.
  • Enter your name, membership number and date of birth.
  • Almost done: Complete the last two fields and click on Send request.
  • You will then receive an email with a confirmation link. With a final click on this link, your account is active.

Under "Personal data" you will find all your stored data which you can quickly and easily change, correct and supplement.
If you do not want to submit your data online, send us an e-mail or a letter: Please fill in the fields overleaf, cut off this part, put it in an envelope with a stamp and send it off.


Please protect your data and do not send it in the open as a card, but in an envelope with a stamp.



Insert card




As a member of IG Metall in temporary agency work you are entitled to an extra payment: the " temporary agency work member benefit".


What we want to know from you: Do you already know about the member benefit? Have you ever applied for it? How do you cope with the application process?

Don't wait to do the survey at www.gute-arbeit-fuer-alle.de/2023

The survey is available in 11 languages. It only takes 3 minutes. And you can win something too!


Take part now and win!

Have you already filled out the survey? Great, then you can take part in our prize draw and win one of 90 great prizes:

  • a high-quality Bluetooth speaker from the company JBL
  • or a pocket umbrella in trendy red.


Terms and conditions of the prize draw at: www.gute-arbeit-fuer-alle.de/2023

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