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October 7 is the "Day against precarious employment". This also means temporary employment, because the working conditions in temporary employment are often worse and the employment relationship is more insecure than that of permanent colleagues. That's why this is an important day, for you too.


There is nothing good, unless you do it!

But just writing a day in a calendar doesn't help anyone. You need to tackle things if you want to change something. And that's what IG Metall has been doing in temporary employment for over 15 years now, together with many active members.


We for fair - that pays off!

And together we have already achieved a lot! Whether annual pay increases or the number of vacation days, whether vacation and Christmas bonuses or the member benefit, the extra for members of IG Metall - we have been successful everywhere. In summer, we were even able to push through an inflation compensation bonus, which will be due for many employees from January 2024. And speaking of January, that's when the next pay increase of 3 to 4.8% will take place. And our industry surcharges will ensure that the difference between this and the pay of regular employees will decrease over the months - now even from the first day of your work assignment. IG Metall pays off - this is confirmed year after year. Read more at www.igmetall.de/leiharbeit


Collective bargaining needs movement!

We have only achieved all this because there are many of us. Because membership strength is the prerequisite for strong collective bargaining results. Do you know colleagues in temporary employment who are not yet members? Then talk to them about membership and the many advantages it offers. Your benefits are twofold: not only do we become stronger, but we also thank you for every new member you gain with a voucher worth 15 euros. How does it work? Just look at: www.igmetall.de/werbeaktion


Continue at www.igmetall.de/kontakt-leiharbeit

Would you like to know more about your rights in temporary employment? Our guide for temporary employees has the answers. Order it free of charge at www.igmetall.de/kontakt-leiharbeit or by mail using the enclosed order card. Have your contact details changed or are you no longer in temporary employment? Then simply let us know at www.igmetall.de/kontakt-leiharbeit. Alternatively, you can call, email or mail us the section below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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